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Big Update of CHNMAX®




Improved Coating Technology Generates Big Update of CHNMAX®


As the flagship rope brand in Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd, CHNMAX® has witnessed numerous technical changes and updates since its birth. Each time it will gain unanimous recognition and dramatic performance improvement in shipping, oceaneering, mining, lifting and sling, ATV winch, etc. Recently our technical team has designed and produced a new coating machine for CHNMAX® rope after 6 months of research and development. This machine greatly improves coating & dying effect and efficiency.


It combines heat-setting, penetrating process and pre-stretch together in coating process, which leads to homogeneous coloring and beautiful outlook, as well as improved tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Compared with conventional coating process, ours can ensure even attachment of coating liquid (new coating liquid from Belgium) and pigment to single fiber yarn, so our rope color is more bright and durable. Meanwhile, homogeneous coating liquid greatly increases rope COF and MBL. Updated CHNMAX® rope is widely accepted by users due to its stronger mechanic performance, better durability against contamination, better experience in handling, longer service life and most favorable cost efficiency.


Innovation and technology is where improvement come from. We never stop working on this principle. We will continue to develop new rope construction, new production technology and cutting-edge coating technology to make our ropes competent for emerging challenges.       





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