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Eye Splicing of 3-Strand Rope



Eye Splicing of 3-Strand Rope


The loop formed by a well made eye splice maintains 90% or more of the original strength of the rope. Now I'd like to specify how to make eye splice well .

(1)  Count back and unlay 5 rounds of the lay of the rope(Ref PIC 1 and 2).


(2)  Fan the unlayed end of the rope and place it over the standing part of the rope. The strand to the inside of the eye must look like it is coming out from under the other two strands and the other two strands must be fanned in such a way that they do not cross each  other.(Ref PIC2)


(3) While holding the inside strand in place, stick the middle strand under one of the strands of the standing end of the rope.(Ref PIC 3)


(4) Pass the inside strand over the standing end strand and stick it under the next standing end

strand.  [NOTE] The second strand goes in where the first strand came out. (Ref PIC 4)


(5) Turn the splice over.


(6) Stick the third strand under the remaining strand of the standing end. [NOTE] The third strand is stuck in where the second strand came out and comes out where the first strand went in. [NOTE] When the third strand is stuck it appears to go backward but when it is examined closely you will see that it is stuck in the same direction as the other two strands. Complete the splice by working the strands snug and adding 3 to 5 of tucks. ( Ref PIC5.6 )





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