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Daily Inspection and Maintenance


           Daily Inspection & Maintenance of CHNMAX Ropes


After each mooring operation, perform a basic check on the ropes and look for: 


1. Surface wear (any cuts, broken strands visible)



2. Corkscrew or kinking. When hauling in the rope, make sure the ropes are re-fitted

on the winch without twists as this will reduce the ropes' MBL dramatically.


3. For jacketed ropes, a visible rupture or cut of the jacket is not always a sign that the

core is damaged too. Make sure that a visual inspection through the cut or rupture is

made before applying a repair on the jacket.


4. For UHMWPE ropes, these ropes are extremely vulnerable to chafing. First important

step is to maintain rollers and especially fairleads properly as small damages will in general

damage ropes externally and expensive UHMWPE ropes in particular. There are many different

fairlead protectors made from synthetics and can be installed inside of the fairlead to provide

additional rope service life. 



5. When checking UHMWPE ropes, try to open up the rope and look for grit particles which can

increase the internal abrasion and damage the rope from the inside out.


We provide regular on-board inspection and maintenance service to help users find and solve

the problems in using our ropes. Our goal is to keep offering users a biggest and most enduring

security in any application.  



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