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New membership, Better XLROPE


To show our considerable respect and care for your continuous support, XLROPE has implemented a new Client Point System which will reward you for your irreplaceable role in participating and developing our rope business around the world.


From 1st Aug, you can apply for membership by emailing  admin@xlrope.com or get your account by placing order from us. All old clients’ accounts are still available and with 200 points pre-stored. For more details, please visit our website http://www.xlrope.com/en/UserCenter.aspx and input XLR001 to check by yourself.



Points=Money! You can redeem your points for all kinds of rewards like XL customized gifts, one-day-tour in Qingdao, Apple Watch, iPhone 7, discount or cash, or a wonderful trip around China and France, a memorable tour in north and south poles, all dreams can be real with XLROPE.  







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