CHNMIX ® Features Effective Help Shipping
Xinglun Rope, 2019-03-26

In the middle of march, xinglun rope inspected the rope products of Qingdao qianwan port customers. The tested products are high-end customized CHNMIX ® -U (NON - FLOATING).

CHNMIX ® represent XLROPE high strength mixed rope, it is woven from a blend of high strength polypropylene and polyester fibers. Its density can be determined according to different environments, which can meet the different needs of customers to the greatest extent.


At the same time, xinglun rope communicated with customers deeply, and discussed the actual application effect of CHNMIX® together, and affirmed its various good performance in the use process, Such as seawater corrosion, dry wet strength unchanged, high strength, good elasticity, light weight, easy to operate, etc., in addition, CHNMIX ® also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high melting point. In short, CHNMIX ® all aspects of characteristics have reached the customer's standard and has been recognized by the customer. Therefore, the customer expressed that he would continue to choose CHNMIX ® later.


Xinglun rope will continue to innovate and transform more high-tech into high-end rope products with unique functions, which improve the safety and protection of ships, so as to better serve more ports and ships around the world.