Xinglun Rope Went To Taiwan For Business Visit
Xinglun Rope, 2019-04-03

In late march, xinglun rope business manager visited Taiwan shipbuilding, shipping services, shipping companies, etc.

In order to grasp the market development opportunity and further do a good job in customer service, xinglun rope business manager deeply discussed the specific requirements of rope products with various enterprise customers, and promoted the cooperation progress of various rope application schemes.


During the cooperation and communication, xinglun business manager actively displayed its brand products, such as: CHNMAX ® / CHNMAX PLUS ® / CHNFLEX ® / CHNFLEX ® - 6 / CHNFLEX ® PLUS/CHNLINE ® / CHNLINE ® PLUS/CHNMIX ® / CHNMIX ® PLUS, etc. The excellent performance of each brand was explained in a professional and detailed way, which was highly recognized by customers.


In order to deepen customers' further understanding of xinglun rope products, xinglun business manager made a comprehensive return visit to our long-term partners. The customer expressed warm welcome to xing lun's visit and spoke highly of its long-standing business services. The return visit, xinglun carefully listen to customer suggestions, common communication rope product innovation and improvement of good strategy.


This business visit further confirmed the cooperation mode and content between xinglun rope and various shipbuilding and shipping enterprises, and established a good beginning for the early substantive cooperation and common development. Xinglun rope will continue to refine services, improve service quality, and more and more customers for in-depth cooperation, to escort the development of the industry.