Xinglun rope provides cable inspection service for Yangming Shipping
Xinglun Rope, 2019-05-17

On April 30, the technical manager of Xinglun Rope and Cable Co.Ltd went to Waigaoqiao dock to conduct a comprehensive inspection for the Rope using condition of MV Wanming .

The current cable products for MV Wanming is Nylon double braided rope. Xinglun technical manager not only professionally tested and measured the  friction position frequently, but also comprehensively measured the entire cable. The test results showed that the cable diameter, strength and other performance remained good and could be used continuously.


Xinglun technical manager made a comprehensive inspection for the nylon  double braided cable products of MV Wanming and issued a professional data report in details. Based on the inspection work, regular maintenance plan was made for ropes, which can not only keep the performance of the cable in a stable state for a long time, but also extend its service life.

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YangMing shipping is satisfied with the XLROPE who made timely and comprehensive inspection for ropes and offered professional and effective maintenance suggestions , and also confirmed for XLROPE with the professional checking and high accuracy for the inspection data . Yang Ming Shipping showed that they will continue to select XLROPE to offer rope checking service and  technical guidance in later ropes planned application.

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XLRope is enjoying trust by more and more clients with advanced production technology, high-end service system and professional technical strength,offering efficient and professional service for customers in the field of shipping and shipping service. XLRope ensures the working environment security and stability for the ship staffs, at the same time improves the mooring "efficiency", to create a better tomorrow for the shipping, shipbuilding field !