Yangzhou Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd is awarded "Yangzhou City Academician Workstation"
Xinglun Rope, 2019-05-27

On 22nd May, the meeting for Yangzhou City Enterprise Academician Workstation was held in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Yangzhou Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd Academician Zhou Qinzhi Workstation was established and awarded the "Yangzhou City Academician Workstation"。


Academician Zhou Qinzhi is an expert in mechanical manufacturing technology and equipment, one of the pioneers of hydrostatic bearings in China. On the basis of advanced foreign technology and new theories, Mr. Zhou developed the mirror grinding cylindrical grinder in China. The deep and high-speed cylindrical grinder has the highest efficiency in the world. Mr. Zhou’s paper about this grinder has been cited by international conferences such as MTDR for many times.


The main cooperative contents of Workstation contains: the development of multi-layer and multi-strand rope weaving equipment and technological theory research; multi-layer weaving technology, optimization design of weaving structure; optimal combination of production equipment, the agreement of multiple braiding units series connection and technological improvement. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the sales revenue of the project products will be 30 million yuan by 2022 . One industrial standard will be formulated, four new products will be developed, seven patents will be approved, and two graduate students and four technical engineers will be trained through the academician workstation.

“Yangzhou Xinglun Rope Cable Co., Ltd Academician Zhou Qinzhi Workstation”will be committed to introducing and training high level technical engineers, introducing innovative theories and improving the level of scientific research and producing innovative products to improve China's international influence in the field of rope industry.